update 21 April

As an international event accommodation, we follow the developments around the coronavirus closely and the advice of RIVM and GGD has continuously guided us in making decisions. This also means that we will immediately follow up on new government measures to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The well-being and safety of everyone involved is paramount to us.

This means that certain events on the Westergas cannot take place on the dates on which they were planned until 1st of September.

In the coming days, it will be determined in consultation with the organizers of these events whether they can be moved. You can find the latest information through the (social media) channels of the events themselves.

And also all food and beverage outlets will be closed from Sunday 15 March to Tuesday 21st of May, unless the government decides otherwise in the meantime.

The decision of the government has major consequences for everyone. We take our responsibility to minimize the chance of the virus spreading further. Distance is the most important thing and we would like to ask everyone to keep their distance from each other where possible.

Take care of yourself, but also of others. Spread love not the disease