Docking Station at Westergas

Space for stories, a photography platform in Amsterdam

Contemporary artist in residence Docking Station landed on our terrain! Docking Station invites photographers from all around the globe to inhabit their station. It’s a tiny space, to tell big stories.

Docking Station
“We believe in stories. There are many urgent, interesting and compelling stories out there that deserve to be told and seen. Many of them, however, don’t reach the audience, or only a very small one. Docking Station’s mission is to bring high-quality visual stories out there so that they can make an impact. Because they provide us with new windows onto the world. They can help us understand complex issues related to migration, climate change, conflict and identity. They can create empathy and connect people.”

How it works
Each month, one docker will be selected with the help of our docking ambassadors. These talentscouts keep their eyes open for great stories that could benefit from our program. We won’t ask for money from the docker, but instead we expect a great deal of sharing. The story needs to move forward. Our docking network and docking partners are here to help with that. And last but not least, we have our docking friends. This is a group of supporters that want to hear and see these stories and spread the word.

3 October – 3 November 2019
Docker #27: Ludwig Ander-Donath (Germany)

1 – 26 November 2019
Docker #28: Elena Anosova (Russia, Siberia)

3 – 23 December 2019
Docker #29: LouLou d’Aki (Sweden)
‘Russian Spring’

Check for more info and upcoming events the Docking Station FB page and website.