Every inch creatively artistic

Every month, the Meterhuisje is curated by another rising, or freshly established talent. This can be an exposition of new work, or something completely different. We have one important rule: easy access, high standards. Are you in need of some artistic vitamins? Check out the agenda and drop by. If you’ve got a great idea that you’d like to exhibit in the Meterhuisje, please email rosa@westergas.nl.

Upcoming expo September by Unseen
Unseen Artist Lab (8 sept tm 5 oktober)
De artist in residence, Kateryna Snizhko (Oekraïne, 1984), opent haar ruimte voor het publiek om het proces dat normaal gesproken achter gesloten deuren plaatsvindt van dichtbij te laten ervaren. De artistieke praktijk van Kateryna is gekoppeld aan het verkennen van creativiteit door verschillende fotografische prints en materialen te manipuleren. Binnen de ruimte experimenteert ze met toevalligheden, falen en creatie, terwijl ze zich afvraagt wat een afbeelding of object tot kunstwerk maakt en wat belangrijker is: de soms moeizame weg erheen of het eindresultaat.Afwisselende openingstijden.

List off Meterhuisje talents :
Pitch & Sync X Collective 4.16:
Musical festivities combined with the never disappointing Collective 4.16
Stichting Welcome:
Bringing people together learn and educate and mostly: have a lot of fun while doing so.
An astonishing collection by Hedwig Vervoort & Charles Antoine tailor-made to your needs.
Salon Nippon:
Brings the funk of Japan to The house. Arts, performances and kimono’s and all of that with some great Sake.
The always extravagant organisation hosts the house, where drags read to children in the morning awaiting the festivities during Pride week.
House of Eussi:
The social platforms bring activism to venue. Tittytalks and a wonderful collection that gives you some food for thought.
The Photography platform hosts the house during their annual event.