during Amsterdam Art Weekend

HERO & Westergas present
WARPING HALOS by Children of the Light
Supported by citizenM

Special surround sound edition
Live: soprano Brigitte van Hagen

Date: 23rd + 24th November 2019
Location: Klönneplein 1, Gashouder, Westergas
Time Saturday: 18:00 – 00:00 (every hour)
Time Sunday: 18:00 – 21:00 (every hour)

Free entrance

Warping Halos will be on show at Westergas’ iconic building De Gashouder, during Amsterdam Art Weekend.

The performative installation combines light, colour, sound and elemental geometric forms creating a profound transcendental experience for the viewer.

The work is inspired by the duo’s research into the halo – the natural phenomenon of circle of white or coloured light that can form around a luminous object – caused by the refraction through ice crystals in the atmosphere. In the iconography of many cultures halos represent a worldly manifestation of spiritual energy and of an underlying divine order in the universe.

The physical element of the work comprises a large motorized, illuminated ring, suspended from the ceiling that revolves in the space. This elemental geometric form, science-fiction like in appearance, is accompanied by light and sound that periodically fills the perception of the viewers.

The light emitted by the ring changes during the performance, in colour and in solidity, occasionally pulsing and flashing. At times the effect of the light seems to turn the ring into a solid disc, floating and rotating in space or a portal into another world. This ethereal quality is heightened still further by the rich and atmospheric soundscape created by producer Huerco S. inspired by the harmonic resonances of colours. Live singing by soprano Brigitte van Hagen completes the installation.

Characteristically of their work, Warping Halos comprises an interplay between perception and reality, presence and absence, generating in the viewer that sense of wonder that is so rare in the modern world.

Sound: Huerco S.
Arrangements: Sébastien Robert
Sound System: “The Pentacle 15.3” by Fedde ten Berge and Jesse Meijer

About citizenM
citizenM is thrilled to support Children of the Light’s WARPING HALOS installation during Amsterdam Art Weekend. Art is integral to the brand’s DNA. Since its founding, citizenM has consistently sought and supported local artists worldwide.

The hotel brand has commissioned over 25 artworks: young and established artists, local and internal talent. Today, over 200 artworks are displayed in the hotels’ living rooms.